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Serene, very finely hand painted design in scarce pastel colors...

DESCRIPTION: Lovely, finely hand woven, pale yellow Silk Fukuro Obi with a glorious sheen that shows to best advantage the marvelous hand painted design of "little happy people" or “Karako” playing among the flowers and trees that line the lake. The use of the pale pastel colors is most unusual and adds to the overall feeling of serenity. The design  demonstrates a heavy Chinese influence and in ancient times, the Japanese were said to have envisioned the Chinese people in much this way. 

This marvelous example of the "Rice Paste Resist" or "Tsutsugaki" Process of hand painting is highly unusual for its finely detailed and intricate design.  This technique required that each individual color be applied separately, while all the remaining colors must first be painted out in the rice paste. Once each individual color has been set, the Silk is then rinsed out in the local river water over and over again until it is ready for the application of the next color. This is an extraordinarily difficult, time consuming, labor intensive artistic process that often took months to accomplish. The overall feel of the motif has been enhanced by skillful embroidery, which highlights the children at play.  One end of this long, rectangular Obi has been skillfully folded in half and then tied in a bow of typical obi design. It is held in place with a matching Silk, hand braided, “Obi-jime,” or cord that echoes the color and beauty of the Obi. The Obi-jime is as old  as the Obi itself.

A marvelous Japanese Artisan (herself of Samurai lineage) created this artistic representation in order to display year-round the beauty of this wonderful textile, as easily as one would hang a painting.  Silk thread has been used on the back to support the tying of this Obi. 


TYPE TEXTILE:  This is an extraordinary example  of the Fukuro Obi originally intended for both formal and semi formal wear. It has two seams running down each edge of the Obi.

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Meiji Era (1868-1912) 

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Hand woven of the finest Silk threads in excellent condition. 

FINISHED SIZE:  14 inches wide x 44 inches high

PRESENTATION:  This is a wonderful way to display an antique Obi year around as an unusual and dramatic wall hanging.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $1350

TTAC will personally pack and ship via UPS at company expense within the continental U.S.


Price: $1350.00 Quantity:

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