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The Japanese, contrary to Western Culture, did not differentiate between art on paper or canvas, and art on fabric. Many famous artists from Japan's past painted on textiles, usually fine hand woven silks. Originally, only members of the Imperial Court could wear silk, leading to severe limitations in the number and availability of these wonderful works of art.
While the whole of the original garment (Kimono, Obi, Haori, or Fukusa) may no longer be available for display, the quality of the remaining fragment is so exceptional that it must be preserved. The Textile Art Collection Framed Works of Art presents exceptional, antique selections of textile fragments that have been treasured and preserved as family heirlooms for centuries. They have been carefully dismantled and framed, using acid free and the most elegant of materials, in a manner that conforms to the highest standards in order to ensure a damage free environment for its future display and protection.
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People and Portraits



 (1403) closeup

1850 Yamato-e Village Genre Scene (1403)


Samurai on Horse

Woodblock on Silk, 1850 (1405)

Courtesan (1402)

Courtesan (1401)

Noh Dancers (1410)

       Heian Scene Silk Tapestry 1980s (1413)

Kimono Sampler      1890s  (1408)  


Animals, Birds, Mythological Creatures

Caparisoned Horses, Finger Weaving (1204)

Nesting Crane, Chirimen Silk (1208)

Glass Eyes  Solid   Gold Crane 1850(1214)   

(1210) closeup

Early 1800s Dragon


Sparrows in Bamboo
Kyoto (1207)

 Antique Thai Kalaga
(rare Horse 121


(1213) closeup

Embroidered Landscape Scene (1213)                





   Crane Tamari Wedding Collar (1211)

(1211) closeup

Crane Wedding Collar (1212) 



Elements from Nature, Symbols, Patterns and Designs

White Gold Pine,
1850's  (1106)

Mother of Pearl
Hair Comb &Pin  1850  (1303)

Fragile Summer Silk (1302)

Rare Sha Silk Finger woven Grapes (1107)

(1107) closeup

Plum Blossom
Wedding Collar (1102)

Wedding Collar One of a Set  (1305)

Wedding Collar One of a Set (1304)

(1108) closeup

Imperial Wedding Collar (1108)


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